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George MacDonald: A Life of Relationships.The Rabbit Room, 2021, orinally published in Radix Magazine.

The Inklings and Culture.png

“George MacDonald & Mythopoesis: ‘One of the Greatest Arts,’” in The Inklings and Culture: A Harvest of Scholarship from the Inklings of Canada, ed. Monika B. Hilder, Laura L. Pearson, and Laura N. Van Dyke, Inklings Institute of Canada, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2020. 

George MacDonald V.png

How Shall We Then Read? George MacDonald and the beginnings of a discipline called ‘English Literature’,” in The Undiscovered C. S. Lewis: Essays in Memory of Christopher W. Mitchell, ed Bruce R. Johnson, Winged Lion Press, 2021.

George MacDonald VI.png

“Rooted Deep: Discovering the Literary Identity of Mythopoeic Fantasist George MacDonald.” Linguaculture, vol. 2, 2014, pp. 25-44. 


“Tribute to Colin Manlove & Stephen Prickett,” VII: Journal of the Marion E. Wade Center. (2020)

Informing the Inklings II.png

“Relational Inkings of a Mythopoeic Maker.” Informing the Inklings: George MacDonald and the Victorian Roots of Modern Fantasy (2018)

The Golden Key (Romanian).png

Forward & Afterward to Romanian translation of MacDonald’s “The Golden Key.” (English translation here) (2015)


“Rooted Deep: Discovering the Literary Identity of Mythopoeic Fantasist George MacDonald.” LinguaCulture (Centre for (Inter)cultural and (Inter)lingual Research. (2015)

The Curdie Books Please.jpg

“The Curdie Books, Please” (an examination of Lewis’ use of The Princess & Curdie in That Hideous Strength). Sehnsucht: The C. S. Lewis Journal, 2012.


“The Mythopoesis of George MacDonald.” North Wind, A Journal of George MacDonald Studies, 2012.

Rethinking George MacDonald.png

“Speaking Matrilineally (and especially of Uncle Mackintosh MacKay),” Rethinking George MacDonald: Contexts and Contemporaries, eds Chris McLachlan, Ginger Stelle, John Pazdziora. Association for Scottish Literary Studies, 2012.

The Baptized Imagination.jpg

“Dearborn’s The Baptized Imagination: A Book Review.” SEVEN: An Anglo-American Review, Volume 27. (2010)

Tree Of Tales.png

Tolkien & Mythopoesis.” Chapter in Tree of Tales: Tolkien, Literature, and Theology, ed Trevor Hart & Ivan Khovacs. Baylor Press. (2008) Attributed to “Kirstin Johnson.”

Curdie's Intertextual Dialogue.png

“Curdie’s Intertextual Dialogue: Engaging Maurice, Arnold and Isaiah.” George MacDonald: Literary Heritage and Heirs, ed. Roderick McGillis, Zossima Press. (2007)

The Golden Key

“Bunyan’s Influence on MacDonald’s ‘The Golden Key.’” North Wind: A Journal of George MacDonald Studies. (1997)

Jack & Alice.jpg

“Annotations” for the ‘Juvenilia Press’ edition of Jane Austen’s Jack and Alice: A Novel, 1992 (ed Juliet McMaster).




“‘A childhood into which we have to grow’: George MacDonald and Childlikeness,” with Sharon Jebb Smith; Child Theology by James M. Houston, Wipf & Stock. (2021)


“That Holy Thing: George MacDonald Advent reflection,” in The Grand Miracle: Daily Reflections for the Season of Advent. (2019)

Call to Childlikeness.jpg

“A Call to Childlikeness.” Article on “Spirituality & Children,” Patheos Public Square, May 2016.


“At Home with Unicorns.” Article on ‘Everyday Theology,’ March 2016.

The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe.jpg

“Factual Myth, The Legend of Faith.” Article on “Myth, Imagination, Fairy Tales, & Fantasy. And Faith,” Patheos Public Square, March 2016.

Every Wrinkle.jpg

“Every Wrinkle Tells a Story: Celebrate or Eradicate?” Article on “Faith & Aging” Patheos Public Square, November 2016.

Seven Literary Sages.jpg

“The Storyteller.” Article in “Seven Literary Sages,” Christian History. (2015)

Time Lewis.jpg

“What C.S. Lewis Learned from his ‘Master’,” article in “Seven Literary Sages,” Christian History Magazine (2015)

Jezus voor ogen.jpg

“De balsemolie van Arcabas.” in Jezus Voor Ogen: Beelden en woorden voor de veertigdagentijd, ed. Marleen Hengelaar-Rookmaaker. Buijten & Schipperheijn. (2012)

Christian Civilization.jpg

“George MacDonald.” Biographical entry in The Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization, ed. George Kurian. Wiley-Blackwell. (2012)


“Better than the Best.” in The Cradle and the Crown: A Regent College Advent Reader, ed. Richard Thompson. (2006) (re-issued 2011)

Regent College.jpg

Sacred Story: The Mythopoesis of George MacDonald.” Regent College Centenary George MacDonald Conference. Regent Audio. Vancouver, June 2005.


“Unraveling Phantastes.” in MacDonald Centenary Issue, Christian History & Biography. (2005)

The Call of Stories.jpg

“Storied Communion: The Compelling Example of Robert Coles.” Master’s Thesis, under Eugene Peterson, Regent College, Vancouver. 1998.




“Life More Abundant: Emily Carr” ArtWay Visual Meditation, July 2013. (in English and in Dutch)


See also: Mythopoeic Life on Instagram for Kirstin’s nature photographs paired with short reflections and related poems and quotations.

The Arts

The Arts

Animals Kneeling.png

David Jones: Introit Invitation ArtWay Visual Meditation, Christmas 2018.

Three Gift Giving Fathers.png

“Tolkien at Christmas: Three Gift-giving Fathers” ArtWay Visual Meditation, Christmas 2016. 

The Joy of the Fool.png

“Awakening the Fools: Cecil Collins’ The Joy of the Fool ArtWay Visual Meditation, March 2014. (in English and in Dutch)

Carr II.jpg

Life More Abundant: Emily Carr” ArtWay Visual Meditation, July 2013. (in English and in Dutch)

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